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RV Transport With Power2Ship

RV transport is a great way to move your recreational vehicle to its desired destination. Whether you’re heading out on a road trip, or need to move your RV to a new location, you’ll need to consider the cost of shipping your RV. The final price of shipping an RV is determined by a few factors.

The type of RV you’re shipping is the most important factor in determining the cost of transport. Different types of RVs require different levels of care when they’re being transported. Larger and heavier RVs require larger and stronger tow trucks, which means higher shipping costs. The size of the RV will also influence the cost of shipping, as it will take more time and require more fuel for larger and heavier RVs.

The distance that you plan to transport your RV is another important factor when determining the cost of shipping. Longer transport routes require more fuel, which can add to the overall cost of the transport. In addition, the type of road you’re traveling on can affect the cost. If you’re traveling on a highway, you’ll likely encounter tolls, which can add to the cost of shipping.



The cost of RV transport is influenced by various factors such as the type, size, distance, time of year, and fuel and toll costs. Shipping an RV during the summer months can be more expensive due to higher demand, while fluctuating fuel and toll costs can also affect the total cost. To obtain an accurate cost estimate, it is best to contact one of Power2Ship's logistics agents who can consider all relevant factors.

Power2Ship provides reliable and affordable RV transport services for motorhome owners, whether they are new or experienced. Their team of logistics professionals strives to offer the best RV transport services in the industry, with affordable pricing without sacrificing quality. They only work with the best RV shipping companies to ensure safe and successful RV transport.

Power2Ship's RV transport experts will provide a comprehensive quote outlining every detail of the motorhome transport process, keeping the customers informed throughout the process. They are committed to providing the best RV transport services and prices in the industry for both domestic and overseas RV transport. Contact them now for a free RV transport quote!

All-Inclusive Motorhome Shipping

Power2Ship is a one-stop-shop for safe and secure RV transport services across the country. With over a decade of experience, we offer competitive rates and comprehensive transport solutions, including trailer transport, towing, driveway transport, and more, for all types of motorhomes.

Our team of dedicated logistics agents pre-plan the route before shipping and work hard to ensure your motorhome is delivered on time and with safety as our top priority. We pay attention to every detail of RV transport to provide our customers with a confident shipping experience.

Trust Power2Ship for all your RV transport needs. Contact us today for a safe and secure transport experience backed by exceptional customer support and attention to detail.

Types of RV Hauling Services

We are the premier RV shipping company service and can accommodate any shipping needs you may have, including:

  • Tow-Away RV Services
  • Flatbed RV Transport Services
  • Drive-Away Motorhome Services

How Much Does RV Transport Cost?

When it comes to transporting your RV to a new location, the cost is a crucial consideration. The final price of RV transport depends on various factors. The type of RV being transported is the most important factor, as larger and heavier RVs require more robust tow trucks, resulting in higher shipping costs.

The distance being traveled also plays a role, as longer routes require more fuel, and the type of road being traveled can affect the cost due to tolls. The time of year can also impact the cost, with summer months being more expensive due to higher demand. Additionally, the cost of gas and tolls can affect the overall shipping cost.

To get an accurate estimate, it's best to contact one of our logistics agents. They'll provide a quote based on all relevant factors, ensuring the best possible solution for RV transport at the most competitive price. Don't let cost be a barrier to transporting your RV to its desired location. Contact our team today to discuss your RV transport needs.

How To Get An RV Ready To Be Shipped

Power2Ship recognizes that shipping an RV can be a daunting task, which is why we provide a dedicated logistics agent to guide you through the entire process. Our team is equipped to assist both first-time RV shippers and seasoned veterans, ensuring that your shipment receives the highest level of care and attention.

Follow these steps to ensure that your RV is transported safely and securely to its destination:

  1. Clean and inspect your RV to ensure it's in good condition for transport.
  2. Remove any loose items and flammable materials, and disable the anti-lock braking system if applicable.
  3. If shipping a trailer, make sure it's empty of all cargo and personal belongings.
  4. Properly secure any loose items with high-quality straps.
  5. Provide the carrier with all necessary documents, such as proof of ownership, registration, insurance, and bill of lading (for motorhomes).