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Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipping

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Essential Information Before You Book:

  • Your car needs to be able to drive. If not, additional costs might be necessary
  • Payment is collected after the vehicle is assigned to the carrier. You must specify when you book if the vehicle is being picked up or delivered at a corporate location. Please give us the company's name, a phone number, and the days and times you are available to accommodate
  • Please give us a working phone number where we may reach you during the entire process of moving your vehicle
  • The handling of a pre-1980 vehicle may call for additional care. Consult your salesperson while booking.
  • To load and unload your car securely, it must not be taller than 7' and have a minimum of 4" of ground clearance.
  • There must be no evident fluid leaks.
  • The door and window on the driver's side must operate properly
  • Your car's brakes must function properly. Your car must have a functional emergency brake if it has a manual transmission.
  • Your battery needs to be firmly mounted in the bracket.
  • Any modifications to your vehicle, such as a 4x4 lift kit, camper shell, decreased vehicle clearance, etc., must be disclosed to us.


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Getting Your Car Ready for Shipping​:

  • For inspection, the car needs to be clean. A dirty car makes it harder to conduct a thorough inspection
  • A minimum of ¼ (a quarter) tank, but no more than ½ (half) a tank, of fuel must be in the gas tank
  • All alarm systems need to be switched off.
  • The following things need to be taken out: car phones, garage door openers, E-Z toll tag passes, and non-built-in radios, cassette decks, and CD players.
  • All antennas need to be completely retracted or taken off.
  • You must take off any exterior spare tire covers, grill covers, or automobile coverings.
  • Transport of plants, hazardous materials, and weapons is prohibited by law.
  • All of the vehicle's keys must be in one set.
  • Racks for non-permanent luggage, bicycles, or skis must be taken off.
  • Your car has to be ready for the changing weather. This could apply to fluids like transmission oil, engine coolant, and others.
  • Remove all personal possessions but standard vehicle items (such as the jack and spare tire) are acceptable


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Pre- and Post-Move Vehicle Inspection Requirements:

  • At the time of pick-up and delivery, you or your designated representative must be present for the inspection
  • Your vehicle's condition must be verified by you or your chosen representatives. Before the driver departs for the destination, this must be completed
  • Both the condition report and the bill of lading must be signed by you or your authorized representative.
  • Exceptions related to vehicle condition must be stated on the bill of lading